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25 Minute Gentle Yoga Class


Tuesdays 10 - 10:25am, via Zoom

- Live participation not required -

Class recording available to all registrants for 1 week.

Release tension & connect with your body

 Deepen self-awareness

Center your mind  

Please Note These classes will be discontinued after the current series, ending 7/2/24.   

The Class Library will remain available by subscription, at a lower monthly price of $10 starting 7/16/24.

Many Thanks to All who have been a part of the classes over the years!





 The class theme May 28 - July 2, 2024 is

"Square Pegs"

We are each a unique combination of talents, tendencies, perspectives, and wisdom gained through our individual life experiences - a part of the greater whole with something of value to contribute.   

But most of us, at times, have tried to fit ourselves into one paradigm or another that really didn't fit.


   Tuning more deeply inward and celebrating our authentic selves aligns us with our life purpose, letting us make the unique contribution (large or small) that we're here in this life to make.  

Image by Zac Durant

Registration Options:


Drop in any time for a single class.  Access the livestream class or simply use the recording (available to all registrants for a full week).  Choose date at checkout.


Automatic registration for Movement & Meditation for Every Body classes.  Access the live online classes, receive the weekly class recordings - PLUS enjoy unlimited access to the online Class Library.

Choose your start date at check out; cancel any time.

*Class Library contains:

3 most recent video series (current series plus 2 previous, 6 video classes each), 40 audio classes, and Bonus Resources: 8 Short Meditations, and 5 Guided Relaxation Practices. 

Each 25-minute class includes mindful movement, guided meditation or relaxation, and words to inspire.   Classes run 6 weeks at a time, based on a central theme.

Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and modifications are given to help you adapt the experience to your own needs.  While video is provided to clarify instruction, students are encouraged to tune inward and approach their practice with an attitude of self-honoring and self-referral, rather than trying to emulate what is shown onscreen - each of our bodies are different, and our needs will vary from one day to the next.  Honoring ourselves in our practice lays the foundation for doing so in other aspects of our lives - for greater health, well-being, and meaningful relationships with others.  

The intention for our practice is to bring us home to ourselves… tapping into our inherent capacity for ease, flow, and harmony.  As we cultivate more presence and peace within, we contribute the best of who we are to all that we do, and everything in our lives benefits. ​

A central theme sets the tone for the current 6 weeks, but each class is complete as a stand-alone practice.  Register any time for a single class, or subscribe for automatic registration plus access to the online Class Library of archived classes.


Image by Dana Ward
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