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6 WEEK SERIES, online


Tuesdays 10 - 10:25am, via Zoom

- Live participation not required -

Link to class recording sent to all registrants, available for a full week.

   20 February - 26 March 2024

Self Care for a Healthy Immune System

Class description and Registration options below.



Self Care for a Healthy Immune System

Our immune system is our natural, built-in line of defense against illness of all kinds - from everyday colds and flu, to cancer.  Supporting the health of our immune system is a proactive step that lets them function optimally on our behalf, and decreases the need to 'react' by fighting disease after it's happened.  Health is not simply "the absence of disease" but a state of thriving.

This reflects a similar truth in our mental/emotional/spiritual well-being: when we focus on strengthening positive, healthy inner states, we thrive.  Honoring what we need personally for balance lets us function optimally and respond constructively rather than react when challenges come along.   


Gentle yoga, breath exercises, stress management, and diet/lifestyle modification are some of the ways we can strengthen our immune systems.  This series will focus on such practices, and include self-care suggestions to support your health and natural immunity.    

Image by Zac Durant

Two options for registration:


$65 one time payment

Access the above series of 6 weekly live online classes, plus class recording to use for a full week after the live class.


$40 monthly autopay

Automatic ongoing registration for all Movement & Meditation for Every Body classes.  Access the live online classes & receive the weekly class recordings - PLUS unlimited access to the online Class Library.

Choose your start date at check out; cancel any time.

*Class Library contains:

3 most recent video series (current series plus 2 previous, 6 video classes each) and 40 audio classes. 


9 April - 14 May, 2024 


Releasing restriction and opening our hips helps us move more comfortably through life.  As our lower backs and posture are also affected by our hips, bringing our hips into a healthier balance, benefits these areas too.  

Metaphysically, our hips relate to our creativity and ability to flow with ease through the changes life brings.

"Blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape!"



28 May - 2 July, 2024


More info coming soon...

Image by Dana Ward

Enjoy this SAMPLE CLASS - if it resonates with you, consider joining the next series!

Movement & Meditation for Every Body:

"Being Peace, Class 1"

Series run 6 weeks at a time, oriented around a central theme.  A week off is scheduled between series. 

Saturdays 10-10:25am ET via Zoom.  Live participation not necessary - link to class recording is provided to all registrants, and is available for a full week after the live class.  Practice at a time that best fits your schedule, and repeat the practice as often as you wish!

Each 25-minute class includes words to inspire, gentle movement to release tension and connect us with our bodies, followed by a guided meditation to center our minds.    Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and modifications are given to help you adapt the experience to your own needs.  While video is provided to aid in clarifying instruction, students are encouraged to tune inward and approach their practice with an attitude of self-honoring and self-referral, rather than trying to emulate what is shown onscreen - each of our bodies are different, and our needs will vary from one day to the next.  Honoring ourselves in our practice lays the foundation for doing so in other aspects of our lives - for greater health, well-being, and meaningful relationships with others.  

The intention for our practice is to bring us home to ourselves… tapping into our inherent capacity for ease, flow, and harmony.  As we cultivate more presence and peace within, we contribute the best of who we are to all that we do, and everything in our lives benefits. ​



past classes and other offerings available for download

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