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Flower essences are a safe, natural, non-toxic healing modality that help get at the root of symptoms and address specific tendencies in the mind, body, and emotions, supporting deeper healing. Highly effective, gentle, and non-intrusive, they are complimentary to other treatments and supplements.

Flower essences were first developed in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. Dr. Bach recognized that the physical symptoms he was treating in his patients were intimately related to their mental and emotional disharmonies. He found that flower remedies were able to address these underlying patterns, and he left his successful medical practice to devote himself fully to their development.

Now, several companies have carried on the work Dr. Bach began. Many companies offer only single-flower essences. Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences are 'Synergistic Blends' of several flowers, which have greatly enhanced potency and support one another towards the desired goal. Bryony has found these gentle but powerful blends to be profoundly transformational on a deep level; she uses them daily for herself and her animals, and recommends them to clients, who have likewise been impressed by their results.  


Athlete's Spirit: Get grounded and feel fully alive in your body as you walk your Earth path. This formula connects the spiritual with the physical, allowing you to achieve higher levels of personal and team performance. Enhances intuition and coordination by bringing your full consciousness to bear in any sport or activity.   


Ingredients: Ginseng, Lotus, Arnica, Iris, Cayenne, Elm, Snow Tulip, Green Jade      

Bright Mornings: Create a positive, upbeat frame of mind.  Use this formula any time of day to eliminate heavy, negative emotions that sap your enthusiasm, darken your outlook and drain your vitality.  Deals effectively with too much emotion (water element), which puts out your fire and weighs you down. Excellent for sadness, a heavy heart, or any less-than-optimistic mood that pays you a visit.

Ingredients: Blue Flag, Digitalis, Mustard, Grindelia, Orange. 

Calm Child: Reclaim your sense of innocence and wonder with this grounding, balancing blend. Very helpful for calming children after upsets and disappointments and for adults when they may be growing through inner child work.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Bleeding Heart, Grindelia, Sunflower

Cleansing Fire: Clear the deeper recesses of your mental, physical and spiritual bodies with this high-fire formula. This strong catalytic blend burns out old limiting emotions, thoughts, and memories in every level of your aura. Its ability to work into your shadow side assists in the resolution of long-standing issues and limitations, giving you the courage to face them and to release bitter experiences that were undigested. The is the second strongest catalytic blend we make and the movement it creates can be quite noticeable. Often best when sipped at night, feel free to take a night off if the pace of change is too fast. See the section on catalytic blends for more information.

Ingredients: Geranium, Bottle Brush, Sagebrush, Sage, Walnut

Clear Communication: Give voice to your truest self. Whether you are talking one-on-one or to a group, this blend helps you order your thoughts and communicate them clearly. Opens your throat chakra allowing you to express your authenticity effectively. Excellent when you have a challenge delivering messages, or have a challenging message to deliver.

Ingredients: Horehound, Calendula, Peppermint, Sage

Clear Spirit: Strengthen your connection to Spirit to receive guidance and support. This blend opens your higher chakras, enhancing meditation, guidance and intuition, promoting mindfulness, and increasing spiritual understanding. Assists in navigating change in your life and in the world around you. Helps you create a life that grows from Spirit and aids you in decision making, deep evaluation, metaphysical learning and skill development. Good for times of change in your life.

Ingredients: Lotus, Sorbonne, Mugwort, Sagebrush, Blue Corn

Courage: Dispel the worries that undermine you. Chase away fear and fear patterns and protect yourself from catching fear from others. This blend also helps you recognize and deal with fearful or negative thoughts before they talk you into their point of view. Cultivate strength and perseverance with these stabilizing and supportive flowers. Helpful when others around you are in fear as well.

Ingredients: Garlic, Dandelion, St. John's Wort, Cinnamon Basil, Chrysanthemum

Dissolve Guilt: Fully accept and embrace yourself and believe you deserve all the beauty and gifts that life has to offer. Works on all levels of guilt, including guilt that can manifest in subtle and often unrecognized forms like low self esteem, general melancholy and feelings of unworthiness. Banish debilitating self critical thinking and emotions and prevent them from sabotaging your right to happiness. Build self love.

Ingredients: Delphinium, Daffodil, Laguna, Gumweed, Walnut

Dreams Come True: Bring your dreams to life and create a more fulfilling reality. This blend supports each step of the manifesting process: Developing the clarity of your vision, building upon it with daily action, emotionally aligning with your vision and, finally, releasing your goals to the universe and staying grounded while bringing them into physical form. Take 3 to 4 times daily while speaking, and/or visualizing your goals. Tap into the energy of your dreams: They want you as much as you want them.

Ingredients: Sunflower, Blackberry, Ivy, Sorbonne, Wild Oat

Emotional Transformation: Gently create emotional change and allow joy, happiness and self-acceptance to blossom. This softest and politest of our change creating (catalytic) blends assists in letting go of negative emotions and replacing them with more happiness, joy and positivity. Easily assimilable, it works without being pushy or creating too much internal change too fast.

Ingredients: Amaranth, Calendula, Dandelion, Yarrow, Sorbonne and Laguna Lilys, Orange Blossom

Forgiveness: Release old hurts and heartaches and create powerful healing. Forgiving yourself and others relieves you of heavy, and often limiting, ties to your past. Recognizing that you, and those around you, are doing their best on life's journey replaces anger and resentment with acceptance and love. Illuminates unnoticed forgiveness issues in your life and history. Remember....."To err is human: to forgive, divine".

Ingredients: Calla Lily, Aloe, Walnut, Lavender, Mustard, Blue Flag and Basil

Healing Heart: Open your heart and bring understanding, acceptance and healing to current and past relationships. Help your heart resolve and release old tucked-away hurts, hopes and dreams. This gentle combination restores emotional equilibrium and then helps you draw in and grow happier and better new relationships.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Bleeding Heart, Grindelia, Pink and Sticky Monkeyflowers, Sunflower

Heaven and Earth: This beautiful blend assists in creating and strengthening simultaneous connections to Spirit and to the Earth. We are the channel through which Spirit comes down to ground on our planet, and by which our planet raises its vibration. The more we are connected in a balanced way to both, the more we can draw in both energies into our loves. This leads to more success and peace moving into our lives and making themselves at home. (Good housemates at any time!)

Ingredients: Lotus, Tulip, Indian Pink, Iris, Hematite, Elm

Hidden Issues: Struggling with angry outbursts, self-sabotaging behaviors, addictive activities, disproportionate sadness or ongoing failures? This most powerful of our catalytic blends digs deep to surface hidden, suppressed or unrecognized emotions that give rise to those stubborn patterns. A strongly catalytic formula that races into the shadow side, Hidden Issues is generally taken by starting slowly and increasing the number of daily doses as you feel ready. Take a day off if things arise too fast.

Ingredients: Fuschia, Anil Del Muerto, Black Eyed Susan, Bottle Brush, Bleeding Heart, Crab Apple

Immune Energy: Protection from toxic people, thoughts, emotions and environments. Especially helpful for energy-sensitive beings. This powerful protection formula closes holes in your aura and toughens up its edges, helping you block energies that like to hitchhike. It also lifts low self esteem, which can create the gaps and small holes in your aura that allow negative energy to seep in.

Take frequently to guard against unpleasant emotional, mental environments and psychically toxic people, places, or thoughts. Look at the super protection cocktail section for more information.

Ingredients: Echinacea, Chaparral, Blackberry, Sunflower

Inspiration: Expand your creative flow from ideas to output. Inspiration stimulates your imagination and stokes the creative fire. Originally designed for artistic activities, it also enhances your problem-solving abilities and provides fresh insights for anything you are working on. A creative approach may be exactly what a stubborn issue or challenge is calling for. Most effective when sipped frequently before and during creative endeavors.

Ingredients: Indian Paintbrush, Blackberry, Basil, Nasturtium.

Lighten Grief: Ease overwhelm with this very fast-acting homeopathic blend. Designed to swiftly cut feelings of grief to a manageable level, this blend aids you in releasing pain and becoming open to receiving help and support from others. Also provides very quick and effective relief for any other strong emotional or mental state such as shock, distress and pain. Take 3-4 drops under tongue when you need it. Do not cocktail this blend or sip in water like the other blends, as it contains a homeopathic remedy that requires a different dosage pattern. Read the label for more detailed guidance.

Ingredients: Ignatia 30C, Bleeding Heart, Blue Flag, Dandelion, Sunflower, Sage.

Male Support: Accelerate your growth and stop learning life's lessons the hard way. Designed especially for men, or the male side of anybody, this blend helps cultivate greater flexibility, self-awareness and patience. Find strength in softer expressions of your gifts and release fear of both the feminine and of the changes occurring on the planet at this time. It eases unhelpful resistance to change and enhances appreciation of others' views.

Ingredients: Wild Oat, Impatiens, Walnut, Blue Flag, Oak, Ginseng

Mental Focus: Improve focus, attention, concentration and learning ability with this powerful combination. Excellent for study, writing, design, problem-solving, analysis, and all artistically creative endeavors. Perfect for helping you slow down and give a task all the time, patience and attention that its perfect expression may be calling for. As a bonus it assists you in perceiving and digesting the lessons your journey is gifting you. Saves you having to repeat them 27 times :-)

Ingredients: Sagebrush, Chestnut bud, White Chestnut, Angophora.

New Patterns: Uproot and release old patterns with this penetrating and catalytic blend. This formula’s cleansing energy is significantly stronger than Emotional Transformation, containing two extra-deep energy cleansing agents to make it more effective on old and tough issues. Bottle Brush carries a high-fire cleanse into relatively inaccessible places such as nadis and meridians, and Gumweed unglues very stuck energies that are proving stubborn and resistant. New Patterns is gentler, smoother, and less assertive than "Cleansing Fire".

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Juniper, Walnut, Blue Flag, Grindelia, Bottle Brush, Sorbonne and Laguna Lilys, Orange Blossom

Perfect Balance: Navigate life with more ease and balance. Imbalances are rarely obvious, but we see the results in our lives as they hold us back from manifesting happiness and success. Balance is called for in so many ways, between thoughts and emotions, our male and female sides, body, mind and spirit, giving and receiving, the four elements, the list goes on. Balance is a core requirement in receiving support from the new energies on our planet. Unresolved imbalances bring continued mixed/poor results, or surprising setbacks that are hard to understand.

Ingredients: Orange, red, pink, white and violet Tulips.

Pre-Operative: Face surgical procedures or other major life changes calmly and positively. Helps you trust the process, let go of your fear and align your physical and emotional energies with the highest and best outcome. Usually taken up to seven days before your procedure. Post Op is available for taking after a procedure.

Ingredients: Arnica, Blue Flag, Amethyst, Gumweed, Sunflower, Walnut, Indian Pink and Elm.

Post-Operative: This formula supports your recovery from medical procedures or life events on every level. Reconnecting sliced energy lines, rebuilding your aura, and aligning emotionally with the highest and best outcome. Sip frequently for up to a week or more after your procedure. Pre-Op is available for taking before a procedure.

Ingredients: Arnica, Green Amaranth, Apricot, Blue Flag, Crab Apple, Delphinium, Green Jade, Rose Quartz, Templar Amethysts.

Rapid Recovery: If you suffer from "burnout syndrome", or mental or physical exhaustion, this potent blend will restore and regenerate energy levels quickly and safely. For rapid recovery and peak efficiency use this product whenever your energy stores are depleted. Take frequently, combines well with the Sustainable Energy Blend and Athlete's Spirit.

Ingredients: Apricot, Coffee, Sunflower.

Sexual Healing:  Embrace the full potential of your sensual and loving nature. This blend melts frozen emotions and releases the memories of difficult past experiences, allowing you to feel safe and to gradually open to true intimacy and sacred union. Creates balance, understanding and appreciation between male and female. Helps untwist your thoughts and feelings in an often complex and sometimes traumatized area of life.

Ingredients: Jasmine, Angophora, Hibiscus, Orange.

Sustainable Energy: Lift your energy and learn about your energy patterns. Helps you absorb and digest energy from your food, your environment and your experiences. Shows you areas in which you could improve the way you create, store and spend your energy. This formula also helps you extract meaning from your life lessons, allowing you to process them, digest their gifts (which is a form of nutrition), and grow.

Ingredients: Nasturtium, Cayenne, Olive, Hibiscus and Sunflower.

Tranquility: Quiet your mind and emotions to enjoy true relaxation and renewal. This formula creates a mellow mood that helps melt away stresses while nourishing your sense of inner peace. Provides serenity and calm during the day and more soothing sleep at night. Enjoy feeling that all is right with your world. Allows you to release resistance to emotions so they can arise and then pass.

Ingredients: Lavender, Catnip, Cedar, Sorbonne, Orange.

Transform Anger: Recognize, transform and release resentment and angers. This blend helps eliminate habitual aggressive responses and prevents minor frustrations and irritations from blowing up into rage. Sip frequently whenever anger, resentment, or irritation erupt and observe carefully. Allow the emotions underneath the anger to surface gradually as they are calling out for attention and healing.

Ingredients: Willow, Saguaro, Jumping Cholla, Prickly Pear, Marigold, Walnut.

Trauma: Provides auric protection and repair by accelerating your healing from emotional shocks and physical injuries. This blend pushes your aura back into place and closes large auric holes caused by heartbreak, loss, betrayal, grief and physical wounds. Helpful with painful past events or when you find yourself thinking "Things have been different for me since......."

Ingredients: Arnica, Cinnamon Basil, Indian Pink, Sage.

Un-Stress: Convert stress and overload into clear, positive, focused energy with this calming high productivity blend. Balances and sorts mental chaos and challenges, allowing your mind to focus and prioritize the tasks at hand in the perfect order. Enables you to move successfully through each one swiftly with confidence and balance. Take it at work, during and after stress, or when under challenge of any sort. Sip as frequently as every minute for 5-10 minutes for immediate effect. 

Ingredients: Yarrow, Blue Flag, Elm, Impatiens, Orange

Way of the Goddess: Open, strengthen and stabilize your connection to the divine feminine.  Supports you in receiving divine wisdom, energy, gifts, and insights to permeate your consciousness.  Learn to appreciate and enjoy the way of gentleness, alignment, harmony and beauty. Balance, and align yourself with the Earth's new living paradigm. Surf the gentle shift to wisdom and a delightfully easy new perspective.

Ingredients: Bluestar, Hibiscus, Calendula, Daffodil

Yogic Integration: Incorporate greater spirituality to your practice with this beautiful blend. Ground into and love your body. Opens and cleanses your body's chakras and nadis helping to remove subtle blockages. The resulting inner alignment creates more internal and external progress in your practice and your life. No need to push the flow. Let the path open and support you. The outer reflects the inner.

Ingredients: Blue Corn, Bottlebrush, Ginseng, Scotchbroom, Lotus.  

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