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A Practice for Your Half of the Partnership

"Make your horse happy by

knowing and controlling your own body better." 

~Sally Swift, Centered Riding


True connection with our equine partners is only possible when we first get centered and present in ourselves.  Through direct experience in our own bodies, we better understand our horses and collaborate with them for mutually rewarding partnership.   


  Horses sense and mirror what’s happening in us - things we are often not even aware of.  Unconscious patterns in our own bodies and minds are often at the root of imbalances and misunderstandings in our partnership with them.   Yoga practice helps us gain awareness and control of our bodies and minds, and develop inner stillness and intuition for a clearer line of communication.  Additionally, as we learn to use our bodies consciously, we model for the horse how to use his body with greater comfort and ease.  Both partners benefit and experience greater harmony and congruency together.






Body benefits:  Improves alignment, symmetry, balance, range of motion, strength, self-carriage, precision, and self-control. 

Releases restrictive postural and movement patterns.  Creates new muscle memory. 

Regulates your nervous system, which communicates directly to your horse’s nervous system.

Mind benefits:   Decreases stress.  Improves focus.  Helps you feel calmer, more present, and patient.  

Increases intuition, awareness, empathy and interspecies understanding.





An attitude of self-honoring is emphasized in all classes and private sessions. 

As we practice the art of "right relationship" with our own body/mind,

we carry this understanding into our relationship with others - horse and human alike.

Private, Semi-private, and Customized classes for your group are also available (via zoom, or on location in some areas) by appointment.  Experience a yoga practice customized to the individual needs of your body, your goals, and your relationship with your horse.

Monthly Online Classes

One-hour* Practice for all levels. 
1st Thursday each month, 10-11am ET

Live participation is not required ~
All registrants receive link for class recording to use for 1 full week.

Register for a Class

*Shorter practices (10-30 min) are available in the Class Library, included with a monthly subscription.  More info below.    

Class Registration and Package Options

Live participation not required - all registrants receive class recording to use for 1 week. 
Honor your own timing by practicing at the time that's best for you.


Single Class, $15

One hour online session of Yoga for Equestrians.  Offered the 1st Thursday each month.  All registrants receive recording to use for 1 week.


3 Class Package, $40

Save money with a prepaid package.  Use your package within 4 months to register for any 3 classes you choose (includes classes beyond that 4 months). 


Monthly Subscription, $29

Simplify your life with monthly autopay.  Automatic registration for montly livestream class & recording to use for 1 week, PLUS unlimited on-demand access to Class Library.

Class Library

  Unlimited access to this online resource is included with a monthly class subscription

Library contains YOGA FOR EQUESTRIANS video classes, each under 30 minutes. 

A variety of themes lets you choose a practice to fit your needs, any time, anywhere. 

Themes include: Self-Carriage, Better Balance, Low Back, Happy Hips, Mental Focus, Circles and Straightness, Symmetry, Working with Resistance, Restorative Practice, and a 10 Minute Tune Up.


Forest Trees

"Inner union yields oneness with all of Life."
~Stephanie Azaria

For more information about Bryony's work with horses and their humans, visit:

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