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Open Hands


From the Comfort of Home

In our current times, people are finding new ways to connect, and in some ways feeling more connected than ever.  We are realizing our capacity to connect with others from all over the globe, regardless of where we are physically located.

Distance healing sessions afford the client the opportunity to stay in the comfort of their own environment and to remain in a restful state after a session if they wish.  Most of the services listed on this site can be adapted for remote sessions. Scroll down to learn more.

Remote sessions allow clients to benefit from Bryony’s work from the comfort and privacy of their own home, while being empowered and educated every step of the way.  These sessions may include guided positional release, therapeutic yoga using simple props to support your body, Reiki and other distance healing therapies, work in the auric field, guided relaxation and visualization, body/mind awareness, as well as suggestions for self-care to further support your healing journey.  Most of the modalities listed on this site (other than massage) are also offered remotely.  

Depending on the client's needs and intentions for the session, the work may be more physical or ethereal in nature.  Sessions can be conducted via phone or zoom video, or without audio or visual contact for clients who prefer a more subtle, energy-oriented experience.  

For clients who are more physically oriented, guided movement and specific positioning supported by props help release restrictive patterns and restore ease.  New movement patterns can then be integrated.  Ortho-Bionomy Self Care and therapeutic application of yoga are often used.  These sessions give clients a sense of empowerment, as they learn tools they can apply on their own and recognize their ability to affect a change in their bodies. 

For clients of a more ethereal nature or those who tend to be more sensitive, distance energy work is extremely impactful~ often even more so than a session done in person, as the stimuli of additional sensory input is reduced or eliminated.  These clients may prefer their session conducted without phone or video contact, in which case a “session report” is provided by email afterwards, giving any highlights that stood out to Bryony as well as suggestions for self-care based on what showed up in the session.

Quantum physics has proven that we are inextricably connected, regardless of the perception of an apparent “distance.”  Just as we can listen to music on a radio without being physically in contact with the radio station, or have a conversation with someone on the other side of the world without needing a physical phone line, it is possible to tune in to the "radio frequencies" of anyone we want to connect with.  Whenever we focus our positive thoughts and intentions on the well-being of others, we align with a power greater than ourselves which has the ability to transform. 

The therapist is not the source of this healing energy, but merely a "focusing lens" for it to work through.  When directed on behalf of others, that energy has immense power and can transcend any distance.  

Like all therapeutic work, the comfort of the client in a remote healing session is of foremost importance.  With the consent of the client, the practitioner uses focused intent to enter into an energetic rapport with that person. They then work with the client on the energetic (causal) level to release blockages and bring the system into balance.  This work can be extremely impactful for sensitive individuals or those with unresolved trauma, as the physical boundary afforded by the distance helps them feel more at ease and open to shifts. 

As clients recognize the results - less stress and pain, greater ease, peace of mind, physical comfort, and better quality sleep - they gain confidence in themselves and their ability to heal, as well as a sense of positivity and possibility for a brighter future.


Via phone, video conference,

or without audio/visual contact.  

If you prefer no audio/visual contact during the session, you may simply communicate an intention for the session. Session notes provided afterwards, if you wish. 


One hour session


90 minute session


2 hour session

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